6 new Reddit Ads Manager features

Reddit has announced a series of updates to its Ads Manager to accommodate its growing global advertising business and cater to the diverse needs of its advertisers. These changes are effective immediately and offer specific improvements for self-service clients and international advertisers.

New features introduced in Reddit’s Ads Manager:

  1. Simple Campaign Creation:
    • Create a campaign with a single ad in three easy steps
    • Ideal for self-serve advertisers and quick ad launches
  2. Automated Ad Creation:
    • Build and test multiple ad variations on the platform
    • Save time previously spent creating new ads one-by-one
  3. Multi-Currency Support:
    • Choose from international currencies like AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and NZD
    • Catering to the needs of a growing international client base
  4. Improved Community Search:
    • Find targetable communities based on topic relevance
    • Maximize reach to relevant audiences
  5. Reporting Retention:
    • Support for a 12-month reporting look-back
    • Helpful for advertisers analyzing ad activity over time
  6. Bulk Edit Improvements:
    • Make changes to bids, budgets, and third-party reporting trackers
    • Edit ads across multiple campaigns and ad groups simultaneously

Simple Campaign Creation. Enables advertisers to create a campaign with a single ad in just three easy steps: create an ad, set up targeting and budgets, and select payment. This feature is particularly helpful for self-serve advertisers who want to launch ads quickly and seamlessly.

Automated Ad Creation. Allows advertisers to build and test multiple sets of ad variations to determine which messaging connects best with their target audience. This feature saves time previously spent creating new ads one-by-one.

Multi-Currency Support. Advertisers from more than 40 countries can choose from various international currencies, including the Australian Dollar (AUD), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), British Pound (GBP), and New Zealand Dollar (NZD).

Once campaigns are live, Reddit has made several updates to improve ad management.

Improved Community Search. Lets advertisers find targetable communities based on topic relevance, ensuring better reach to relevant audiences.

Reporting Retention. Now supports a 12-month look-back, enabling advertisers to analyze their ads’ activity over time.

Bulk Edit Improvements. Allow advertisers to change bids, budgets, and third-party reporting trackers for ads across multiple campaigns and ad groups simultaneously.

These updates reflect the platform’s diverse advertiser base and aim to help all clients get the most from their campaigns on Reddit. As the company continues to scale and welcome advertisers globally, Reddit’s focus remains on providing an easy, intuitive, and dynamic advertising experience, says Shariq Rizvi, Reddit’s EVP of Ads Monetization.

Why we care. The new features simplify and streamline the ad creation process, making it more efficient and saving advertisers time and effort. Advertisers can also better target and find relevant communities for their campaigns, increasing the likelihood of reaching the right audience.

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