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  • A History of Google AdWords and Google Ads: Revolutionizing Digital Advertising & Marketing Since 2000 April 11, 2024
    What started in 2000 as Google AdWords with just 350 advertisers has burgeoned into a comprehensive digital advertising platform, indispensable to digital marketing strategies worldwide. Now re-branded as Google Ads, it stands as a colossus, shaping the way businesses reach their target audience online. If you’re your looking for a guide on how to use […]
  • Competitor Monitoring: 7 ways to keep watch on the competition April 10, 2024
    Competitor monitoring is an important way of keeping your eye on the ball and making sure you're not missing any tricks and losing ground to your rivals. Here are seven ways to stay ahead of the game. The post Competitor Monitoring: 7 ways to keep watch on the competition first appeared on PPC Hero.
  • You Can Now Buy Ads On Roku, Samsung and NBCUniversal Through LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager April 5, 2024
    LinkedIn Connected TV (or CTV as it’s also known) Adverts have been a growing opportunity for digital first advertisers. LinkedIn has just announced a whole heap of additional functionality they’ve added to the campaign manager platform. You can read more about what’s been announced on their website. Penny Price, VP, Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn told […]
  • ASA increasingly clamping down on misleading social media ads April 4, 2024
    If you still believed that the Advertising Standards Authority’s focus was entirely, or even primarily, on legacy media like TV ads and big outdoor billboards, the organisation’s latest round of rulings ought to give you pause. Of the seven judgements the ASA announced yesterday on their website, only three related to traditional platforms, while four were digital […]
  • brightonSEO acquiring SearchLove, Hero Conf and PPC Hero from BrainLabs April 3, 2024
    Rough Agenda, the organisers of brightonSEO, the world’s largest specialist search marketing event, has acquired the renowned search advertising publisher PPC Hero, its associated conference series Hero Conf and the international search marketing events SearchLove from BrainLabs. Rough Agenda will take over the event series and the PPC Hero website immediately. Hero Conf will take […]
  • Hero Conf is back – join us in San Diego this November April 3, 2024
    As you may have heard, both Hero Conf and PPC Hero have been acquired by Rough Agenda – the company behind the world’s largest SEO event brightonSEO. We’re excited to take over an event with such a stellar reputation, and that I’ve admired since attending the first London Hero Conf many year ago. And we’re […]
    Kelvin Newman
  • Google Ads’ Vehicle Listing Ads (VLA) now live in the UK, Germany & France April 1, 2024
    Thanks to Christopher Bell, Head of PPC at Kelkoo, for bringing this one to our attention. Vehicle Listing Ads (VLA) on Google Ads are now live and open for Beta-listing in the UK, DE and FR with NL, IT and ES following in Q2. Previously it’d only been available in open beta in the US, […]
  • Google ad safety report 2023: Google blocked 5.5 billion ads last year March 30, 2024
    Google Ads Safety Report reveals year-on-year rise in scams and fraud; growth in generative AI enforcement against malicious advertising . The post Google ad safety report 2023: Google blocked 5.5 billion ads last year first appeared on PPC Hero.
  • PPC Advertisers Guide To Google Consent Mode V2 March 28, 2024
    This update is not merely a technical enhancement but a robust response to the stringent privacy regulations and changing user preferences. With a compliance deadline set for March 2024, it’s crucial for websites utilizing Google services to understand and implement Google Consent Mode V2, ensuring alignment with global data privacy standards. Understanding Google Consent Mode […]
  • Google change the meaning of “Top Ads” March 28, 2024
    What is Top Ads in world of Google? well it’s changed. Today Ginny Martin, Ads Product Liaison at Google shared a subtle but potential significant change of definition of Top Ads. If your deep in the detail of paid search campaigns on Google this is the kind of tweak that’s easy to miss. Now Google’s […]

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