Applications Open For /r/Marketing Mods

Hi Guys – we’re looking to add some new marketing mods who can help support this great community. So if you’re interested please read on kind people.


1) We will only select people that have been active in the community for 6+ months. So if you’re a newbie or 10 year lurker who only now made their account, we appreciate the enthusiasm but have to say we will look forward to seeing you next round.

2) We prefer people with marketing industry experience.

That’s it, simple! If above sounds like you and you have a penchant for unpaid work offset by the glory of moderating spam, drop us a note on modmail, that’s the button that says ‘MESSAGE THE MODS’. Tell us a little about yourself and why you want to be a mod. If you’re not sure what to say here are some things we’d find interesting;

1) What is your work role, and how long have you been in the industry.

2) Why do you want to become a mod.

3) Do you have mod experience.

4) What time zone are you and how available are you generally.

5) How do you think we could improve /r/marketing from where we are today?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from people.

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