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10 Practices for Wix SEO

If you’ve ever built a website, or you’re looking for a suitable website builder, you’ve no doubt heard of Wix. It’s renowned for its easy-to-use interface, its suitability for beginners, and it gets good reviews for its flexibility, professional-looking templates, and support.  On the downside, Wix SEO limitations often come in...

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Microsoft Bing Ads (formerly adCenter)

Microsoft Advertising New Search Ad Attributes For Marketing With Purpose

Microsoft launched 32 new business attributes you can add to your search ads on Bing. These attributes are called Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes and are in the categories of inclusion, environmental, community/social responsibility and accessibility. Go to Source Author: (Barry...

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Crawl Budget

In today’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Tom covers a more advanced SEO concept: crawl budget. Google has a finite amount of time it's willing to spend crawling your site, so if you’re having issues with indexation, this is a topic you should care about.Click on the whiteboard image above...

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