Google Analytics 4 guide for PPC

Like many of you, the first time I looked at Google Analytics 4, I immediately closed it and said, “nope!” A year passed. Then we learned that Universal Analytics was going away in 2023, which finally forced me to explore GA4. It feels like going from Windows to Mac. You...

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SEO reporting to impress: How to successfully report your SEO process, efforts and result

None of us have likely become an SEO for the love of reporting, in fact, it’s among the least favorite activities for many SEOs based on a poll I did a while ago.   However, decision-makers care a lot about reporting as it’s how we communicate and they assess the SEO...

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3 Tips for Hiring Team Members for Your Marketing Agency with Jeff Hunter [VIDEO]

Hiring is one of the hardest but most important aspects of running a growing marketing agency. Jeff Hunter has hired over 150 people in his agency using an experiential hiring process. This process saves you and your team valuable time.  His process sifts out the not-so-great candidates and helps you...

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