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Here’s why you and your team should meet us at Hero Conf.

Here’s the thing, nothing replaces the value of face-to-face interaction. That’s why we’re back with a bang in 2022 with Hero Conf Austin and London! We invite you to join us for our inclusive conference, where you’ll leave feeling inspired, invigorated, and ready to return to the office with...

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How to Perform Content Gap Analysis for Your Brand

A content gap analysis can help you identify the kind of content you need to produce or update that potential customers would find useful. The review is most often done as part of an SEO audit, but you can do a content gap analysis for email marketing and social...

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5 Tips To Running A Successful Google Ads Campaign This Black Friday

Autumn is well and truly here! The days are getting shorter, the wind is colder and Black Friday will soon be upon us. Over the years, Black Friday has become an increasingly important event for retailers and marketers alike. For PPC marketers, this means higher budgets,...

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8 Types of Google Ads Extensions For Higher CTR

Google Ads extensions help advertisers show more useful information in their paid ads and increase SERP real estate, leading to an increase in CTR. Think about phone numbers, addresses, additional links to pages, and much more. Using appropriate ad extensions will boost the CTR which leads to a higher...

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Apple Search Ads Benchmarks 2021: 6 Insights for App Growth

The App Store is one of the largest app marketplaces in the world, with more than 2 million apps available. While the number continues to grow, making an app or mobile game visible, remains to be one of the biggest challenges mobile publishers face.  Apple Search Ads is a paid...

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What strategic moves are agency leaders making in 2021/22?

Have you ever wondered what other agencies are prioritizing over the next half year and where they want to improve the most? You don’t often get a scoop of your competitors’ strategic priorities, but today you do!  As a technology services provider for digital marketing agencies, we do market research...

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How to Decide Where to Invest in Paid ECommerce Ads: 4 Questions to Ask

Source: Unsplash Having money invested in the right activities is one of the biggest concerns eCommerce business owners have. The problem is that there are so many potential investment points available. How do you choose the right one? To help you find an answer, this post will look at five questions...

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For The Love Of Sitelinks

In PPC, we can do some pretty amazing things to help ensure a brand’s message is being heard by its audiences. Extensions are in fact, one of the tools Google equips digital marketers with to do so. We have image extensions that display product visuals and also price extensions...

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Why Chatbot Marketing is the Future in Marketing

Businesses need to maintain a constant presence across different marketing channels to ensure that both existing and potential customers are well-informed about their products and concerns. However, as much as we prefer a human touch with the way we interact with businesses, rising costs are making it hard for...

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5 Ways Cross-selling Adds Value for You & Your Clients

Let’s be honest. PPC management at its most basic level isn’t rocket science. You give the platform a budget and they will spend it. Clients could do the work. But there’s a simple reason why clients choose to pay a PPC professional to do it for them…your brain. Inside...

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