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Social media analytics 101: The data that matters most

30-second summary: Marketing decisions should be backed by data about consumers, their behavior, and conversions. Marketing and namely social media analytics provide numerous categories to analyze, so it is easy to get lost. In the article, Aleh Barysevich defines major points for a social media marketer to analyze strategy success or failure. Important...

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How C-suite derives business value from social media: Q&A with Hootsuite’s VP of Corporate Marketing, Henk Campher

30-second summary: The pandemic drove people inside their homes and onto social media like never before. Hootsuite has closely been monitoring the changing behaviors of consumers online since the beginning of 2020. We caught up with Henk Campher, VP of Corporate Marketing and Head of Social Impact at Hootsuite, to help you...

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How to use heatmaps to level up your content marketing game

30-second summary: Heatmaps represent user engagement data on your web page in a graphical form. They were introduced by Cormac Kinney, the software maker, to help traders beat the market. Today, marketers use heatmaps to visualize users’ behavior on content and improve their content marketing accordingly. If you are on the digital marketing...

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