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How has COVID-19 Shifted Digital Marketing?

... Read More... The post How has COVID-19 Shifted Digital Marketing? appeared first on Search Engine People Blog. Go to Source Author: Ruhi Van Andel Blog Name: Search Engine People Blog Canada's Search and Social Media Authority Blog Post added on January 5, 2021 at 3:07 am | Powered by All The Way...

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SEO Trends 2021: What every marketer should know

30-second summary: SEO is a major supportive strategy to digital marketing for businesses. Impact of AI and machine learning (ML) is undeniable for the future of SEO. User Experience is taking prominence for a majority of search engines out there. Local SEO is important for businesses to get hits from local audiences. The Expertise,...

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Seven essential enterprise SEO skills to master in 2021

30-second summary: SEO holds the keys to digital success. Managing SEO across large enterprises or multiple sites requires many skills. SEO can be time-consuming and gets increasingly harder by the day. A combination of talent and technology is needed for Enterprise SEO success. From a global pandemic to the continuing economic, environmental, and leadership...

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Content Experiences Are the New Content Marketing

In this article, I talk about the power of creating experiences. You will find creative examples and best practices for impactful content experiences.The post Content Experiences Are the New Content Marketing appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Go to Source Author: Viola Eva Blog Name: Search Engine Journal SEO, Search Marketing News and...

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