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Email Automations That Help Turn Tiny Shops Into Mega Marts with Simon Trafford [VIDEO]

Simon Trafford is the Co-founder and Head Coach at Merchant Mastery and one of three world-class instructors for DigitalMarketer’s—NEW for 2022—Ecommerce Marketing Mastery certification course.  He’s taught thousands of ecommerce brands how to grow from a tiny mom n’ pop shops to massive global brands through effective marketing. You’ll definitely...

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Using Geo-Targeting to Get Customers Back in Stores

Geotargeting has opened many doors for marketers and advertisers alike during Covid. After all, it helps focus on a specific market, resulting in more relevant ads, increased campaign value, and a better ROI. This piece will discuss the ins and outs of geo-targeting in advertising, explore best practices, and...

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Amazon PPC VS AdWords: What To Choose

Source: Unsplash Online advertising is a major part of digital marketing. Whether you work as a freelance marketer or you own a business you want to promote online, learning the basics of online advertising is definitely necessary. Among the most popular PPC ad tools are Google AdWords and Amazon PPC. While...

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Apple Search Ads Benchmarks 2021: 6 Insights for App Growth

The App Store is one of the largest app marketplaces in the world, with more than 2 million apps available. While the number continues to grow, making an app or mobile game visible, remains to be one of the biggest challenges mobile publishers face.  Apple Search Ads is a paid...

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