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How a testing model is driving SEAT and CUPRA’s search marketing performance

“Will we ever be able to put search marketing strategy in the driver’s seat?” This is almost every search marketer’s dilemma as the community continues to remain at the mercy of Google’s algorithms and updates. SEAT S.A, the Barcelona-based multinational automaker part of the Volkswagen group have innovated a testing...

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Four tips for SEM teams to adjust to a privacy-focused future

30-second summary: Within the digital marketing space, the conversation around privacy and cookie changes has focused heavily on programmatic and paid social But how will third-party cookie deprecation and new privacy regulations impact paid search? Here is what search marketers can expect and how to prepare In the digital marketing...

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Now is the best time to stitch your search marketing loopholes before 2022

30-second summary: Confused users don’t spend money Your search marketing needs to thread in your brand’s messaging, targeting, design, and overall experience to ensure trust, clarity, and eventual sales SEO pioneer, serial entrepreneur, and best selling author, Kris Jones helps you weave a tight SEO and search marketing strategy...

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