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Solving the agency search intelligence gap

30-second summary: Agencies are particularly struggling to find ways to gain a broad view of the search market. Many agencies rely too heavily on Google tools which on provide top-level search insights and need better tools. COVID-19 is resulting in surprising search results and agencies are having trouble explaining these outcomes without proper data. Search advertising is one...

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Understanding The Searching Trends of Coronavirus

The Google Trends chart below is an indication of the searching behavior for the Coronavirus and related terms. As you can see, the interest within the USA started roughly around the same time the first the WHO (World Health Organization) was alerted something was going on China. trends.embed.renderExploreWidget("TIMESERIES",...

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Search in 2021: Five must knows for advertisers and marketers

30-second summary: 2020 set the stage for one of the most disruptive and fluid years search has ever seen. Local search and Google My Business (GMB) set to be key focal areas for search advertisers and marketers amid shifts in COVID era search activity. Google continues to make moves...

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Six ways to steer marketing in the post-pandemic world

30-second summary: A recent survey by UNCTAD shows customer behavior will not change after the pandemic. COVID-19 pandemic has sped up the digitalization of businesses by several years. AI writers can allow companies to curate quality content within a short time. Innovative virtual conferences will grab the attention of millions...

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Five email marketing predictions: Continuing trends and new opportunities

30-second summary: In 2020, we saw a vast increase in the usage of email marketing as the volume of senders skyrocketed. Will this trend continue into 2021? Or should we expect a different kind of disruption in the coming year? Based on insight from several of our in-house...

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Eight ways to align your customer acquisition strategy in 2021

30-second summary: The events of 2020 will shape the foreseeable future in a significant way. Customer acquisition still remains the most important aspect of business growth. To survive in 2021, brands need to focus on their customers and adopt marketing strategies that bring them closer to their clients. Uncertain times are like the...

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Need to step up your social media marketing? Follow this recipe

30-second summary: Brands face increasing challenges to capture audiences’ attention with paid posts as users learn to scroll past sponsored content. Advertising spending has dropped during the pandemic, meaning there’s less competitive noise and no better time to shine. Marketer Mike Monroe shares the three most important drivers of...

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How C-suite derives business value from social media: Q&A with Hootsuite’s VP of Corporate Marketing, Henk Campher

30-second summary: The pandemic drove people inside their homes and onto social media like never before. Hootsuite has closely been monitoring the changing behaviors of consumers online since the beginning of 2020. We caught up with Henk Campher, VP of Corporate Marketing and Head of Social Impact at Hootsuite, to help you...

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