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5 Optimization Score Recommendations to Look For

Ever since Google first rolled out its Optimization Score tool in 2018, we have seen more and more emphasis placed on maintaining a high Optimization Score within accounts, and we expect this trend to continue in the future.  Some of these insights are almost always helpful – even the best-managed...

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4 Factors that Influence Ecommerce Paid Search Conversion Performance

In e-commerce paid search, we know that two important aspects of online marketing are to build well-structured campaigns with relevant keywords and good ad copy. The account needs to have the right bid strategies and negative keywords to improve relevance. Even if all these things are done correctly, there...

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How To Optimize Your Website For Higher Conversion

Conversion rates need to be taken seriously, considering it is the prime indicator if your online profile engages and convinces the audience to use your products or services. A high conversion rate signifies a successful online presence and marketing strategy, essential for all modern-day businesses.  What is...

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