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5 Tips To Running A Successful Google Ads Campaign This Black Friday

Autumn is well and truly here! The days are getting shorter, the wind is colder and Black Friday will soon be upon us. Over the years, Black Friday has become an increasingly important event for retailers and marketers alike. For PPC marketers, this means higher budgets,...

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How to Decide Where to Invest in Paid ECommerce Ads: 4 Questions to Ask

Source: Unsplash Having money invested in the right activities is one of the biggest concerns eCommerce business owners have. The problem is that there are so many potential investment points available. How do you choose the right one? To help you find an answer, this post will look at five questions...

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8 Key PPC Marketing Metrics to track in 2021

One of the primary benefits of PPC campaigns is the massive amount of data they provide. This is your key to a better understanding of your campaign, target audience, customer satisfaction, success and failures, and more to hone your next approach! With so much information at your...

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Privacy Issues And The Return Of Branding

The rising concerns around privacy and the increasing number of regulations have pushed the biggest tech companies to review the information that they collect about consumers and how it is processed. In April 2021, Apple made a significant move and gave their users the ability to...

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2021 Amazon Advertising Trends

Amazon as an eCommerce platform has a very powerful internal advertising system. You can argue that it’s way more potent than any other digital advertising system since customers on Amazon are there with an intention to purchase something. Advertising systems such as social media ads and Google ads are...

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How To Increase E-Commerce Conversions On A Shoestring Budget

When having an online business presence, the constant challenge to convert webpage visits into sales is real. A conversion rate resembles sales per visit and accurately represents how strong your e-commerce marketing strategy is to seal the deal. With precious time and money being used on various...

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How To Combine The Best Amazon PPC & SEO Strategies

Almost half of the users are not willing to go beyond page two of Amazon’s search results. Besides, some of them often end up buying the top item cataloged on the site’s results page. SEO and PPC are the two reinforced blocks each website marketing mode should have as...

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4 Factors that Influence Ecommerce Paid Search Conversion Performance

In e-commerce paid search, we know that two important aspects of online marketing are to build well-structured campaigns with relevant keywords and good ad copy. The account needs to have the right bid strategies and negative keywords to improve relevance. Even if all these things are done correctly, there...

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