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How To Combine The Best Amazon PPC & SEO Strategies

Almost half of the users are not willing to go beyond page two of Amazon’s search results. Besides, some of them often end up buying the top item cataloged on the site’s results page. SEO and PPC are the two reinforced blocks each website marketing mode should have as...

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4 Factors that Influence Ecommerce Paid Search Conversion Performance

In e-commerce paid search, we know that two important aspects of online marketing are to build well-structured campaigns with relevant keywords and good ad copy. The account needs to have the right bid strategies and negative keywords to improve relevance. Even if all these things are done correctly, there...

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Simplified Checkouts and Handheld Campaigns: How Marketers Are Addressing The Gulf Between Mobile Traffic and Sales

Although eCommerce rates are demonstrating growth across both desktop and mobile, any expected rise in sales hasn’t followed suit. With this in mind, how are marketers looking to address the gulf between mobile traffic and subsequent sales?  Recent data shows that as much as 60% of online shopping traffic comes...

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