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Privacy Issues And The Return Of Branding

The rising concerns around privacy and the increasing number of regulations have pushed the biggest tech companies to review the information that they collect about consumers and how it is processed. In April 2021, Apple made a significant move and gave their users the ability to...

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Facebook Ad Sets Optimization: 5 Crucial Tips For Maximum ROI

Even though all the teens seem to be living their best lives on TikTok, Facebook is still very far from dead and over.  The platform reaches 59% of the world’s population, and is the third most-visited website in the world. As such, it can certainly be leveraged for brand growth...

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Five Tips to Increase your Conversion Rate using Facebook

Facebook is the largest and most influential social media platform, boasting more than 2.85 billion users globally.  A whopping 7M+ million active advertisers leverage Facebook ads to drive conversions. Considering the platform’s massive reach, you can’t miss advertising on Facebook. The average conversion rate of Facebook ads is 9.21%, which...

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Facebook Dynamic Ads: Your Complete Guide

Facebook is an important sales and marketing channel for marketers. Facebook enables companies to reach potential paying customers and generate better results.  But finding that extra edge that keeps your company ahead of the rest of the field isn’t always easy. That’s where Facebook Dynamic Ads comes in. Facebook Dynamic...

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The Complete Checklist for Managing Campaigns on Facebook That Will Solve More Than 90% of Your Problems

Facebook is one of the two advertising giants globally, with a significant share of all digital advertising budgets and complete control over social ads. Using Facebook ads, marketers activate their ads on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Facebook’s advertising system has become very sophisticated over the past...

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How Marketers Can Respond to Apple’s iOS 14 Privacy Update

Do your customers use iPhones? Wondering how you should alter your marketing based on the new Apple privacy updates? In this article, you’ll discover six tips to adjust your marketing activities in response to the data tracking permissions changes coming your way. Why the iOS 14 Update Matters to...

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