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Meta: Detailed targeting exclusions alert sent to advertisers was an error

Some Meta advertisers received an alert yesterday when they opened their accounts. A source from Meta confirmed this alert was sent in error.  What was announced? The message said setting new detailed targeting exclusions would no longer be possible when creating campaigns after June 28. Existing exclusions would remain unless ad...

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Grow Your Facebook Followers: Pro Tips for Leveling Up

Whether you’re fine-tuning your personal profile, scaling a startup, or expanding a multinational’s reach, your Facebook follower count isn’t just a number—it’s a gateway to widespread influence. These followers are active participants who amplify your content across this vast network, turning your messages into shared experiences. Want to get more...

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Meta Integrates Google & Bing Search Results Into AI Assistant via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Meta's AI assistant, now powered by Llama 3, integrates real-time search results from Google and Bing. The post Meta Integrates Google & Bing Search Results Into AI Assistant appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Go to Source Author: Matt G. Southern Blog Name: Search Engine Journal SEO, Search Marketing News...

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