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Magic in the making: The 4 pillars of great creative

Consumers report that helpfulness is their top expectation of brands since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, with 78% saying a brand's advertising should show how they can be helpful in everyday life.1 This means businesses need to quickly engage audiences with meaningful messages, using immersive storytelling to bring their...

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12 Important PPC Trends To Watch In 2021

Technology is getting advanced day by day, hence making it necessary for brands to function according to the new trends. By understanding these new PPC trends, brands and marketers can stay ahead of the competition and provide better ROI. Otherwise, businesses will fall behind those who invested the time...

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Don’t Be Blinded By The Ad Strength: An Experiment On The Impact Of Ad Strength

Now that Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) have become the default ad type, ad strength is becoming more important. Therefore, we set up an experiment to understand the influence of this metric on performance. Surprisingly, the results revealed that ad strength is actually less important than you might think.  No correlation...

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