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2021 Google updates round up: everything businesses need to win at search

30-second summary: There have been three core updates in 2021, released in June, July, and November, while another was rumored but unconfirmed in October Featured snippets that fell under the YMYL algorithm were unexpectedly removed in February, then restored in March Product reviews came under the microscope in April, with marketing and...

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The Future SEO: Boardroom edition

30-second summary: SEO’s dynamic nature and Google’s mysterious algorithm specifics keep the industry on its toes Is it possible to simply spot the inefficiencies of SEO in its infancy and foresee trends? With over 20 years of leadership roles, SEO pioneer Kris Jones taps into his experience to help...

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Everything you need to know about the Google MUM update

30-second summary: Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) update landed in June 2021, seeking to deliver search results that overcome language and format barriers to deliver an improved search experience The Google MUM update uses an innovative solution that accesses a wealth of previously hidden information around a core...

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