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The Crisis of Paid Traffic – From The Office Of Kris Krohn

Research tells us that the #1 challenge facing business owners in 2022 is generating traffic and leads. But why?  After a pandemic, when essentially the entire world went online, and social platforms blew up, shouldn’t leads and traffic be more accessible than ever? You might think yes, but the problem is that...

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8 Key PPC Marketing Metrics to track in 2021

One of the primary benefits of PPC campaigns is the massive amount of data they provide. This is your key to a better understanding of your campaign, target audience, customer satisfaction, success and failures, and more to hone your next approach! With so much information at your...

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Best Creative Practices when building LinkedIn Ads

Advertising on LinkedIn is a powerful tool for acquiring B2B leads. Utilizing the correct creative techniques moves the needle more than the average user realizes when it comes to generating high-quality, high-intent leads. Today we’ll cover some fundamental LinkedIn best practices when it comes to creative,...

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Testing the Power of the YouTube Lead Form Extension

There are one billion hours of video content watched on YouTube every single day and with it being the second largest search engine behind Google there are a lot of eyes on the platform that can become leads for your clients. It remains a strong platform and the lead...

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