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Solving the agency search intelligence gap

30-second summary: Agencies are particularly struggling to find ways to gain a broad view of the search market. Many agencies rely too heavily on Google tools which on provide top-level search insights and need better tools. COVID-19 is resulting in surprising search results and agencies are having trouble explaining these outcomes without proper data. Search advertising is one...

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What to expect from SEO in 2021?

30-second summary: The pace of technological advances and progress in the SEO sector isn’t slowing down, and you should expect major changes and updates in 2021. Google has already announced two algorithm updates slated for March and May 2021. There are various trends for SEO in 2020 like UX...

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Search engine saturation: The ever evolving SERP and how brands are responding

30-second summary: The evolution of search results in addition to this crazy pandemic has changed search results more than ever. Including new features to drill down by brand, see news, and reviews. Brands who appear in both paid and organic listings were at the lowest level in 11 years with just...

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