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Wrapping up 2021 with our top 10!

30-second summary: 12 months, several curveballs, and some masterstrokes If you missed out, today is a great day to look through the Search Engine Watch lens for the year gone by Key themes that were front of mind in 2021 – Google’s updates, cookie death counter-strategies, mastering customer experience...

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Research: The integration of SEO and PR

30-second summary: Experts have told us for a few years that SEO and public relations (PR) need to merge Are SEO and PR really integrating “in the wild”? In case you too searched the web about how this and found nothing considerably valuable, here are some answers for you Founder and CEO of...

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The future of Google and what it means for search

30-second summary: Something that all of us in the search industry are guilty of is our over-reliance on Google telling us what is coming next. Understanding Google’s considerations as a business, provide context to many of its recent decisions and provides a sense of what is coming down...

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The business value of SEO in 2021: From revenue generation to reputation and retention

30-second summary: SEO is without a doubt the most cost-effective channel for enterprises today. SEO also adds incremental value in a number of different ways. It helps maintain brand equity, helps inform product and sales. SEO can also be used as a PR channel and vice-versa. From consumer behavior trends to market and demand...

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2021 Digital marketing predictions for small businesses

30-second summary: Through all of the turmoil, key marketing trends emerged that will impact the way small businesses operate in 2021. From catalyzed digital transformation and conversational marketing to AI’s application and data privacy emphasis, these are some themes that will serve as pillars for marketing success. Five predictions for how these trends will play...

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Search in 2021: Five must knows for advertisers and marketers

30-second summary: 2020 set the stage for one of the most disruptive and fluid years search has ever seen. Local search and Google My Business (GMB) set to be key focal areas for search advertisers and marketers amid shifts in COVID era search activity. Google continues to make moves...

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SEO takeaways from 2020: A review of the most unusual year for search

30-second summary: Google launched over 4,000 search improvements and new features throughout 2020. Baidu continued to crack down on poor quality sites with its 2020 updates its StrongWind algorithm was introduced to control aggregator content from malicious sites. Bing attempted to build on its approximately 2.8% global search engine market...

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What to expect from SEO in 2021?

30-second summary: The pace of technological advances and progress in the SEO sector isn’t slowing down, and you should expect major changes and updates in 2021. Google has already announced two algorithm updates slated for March and May 2021. There are various trends for SEO in 2020 like UX...

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