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Four Google SERP features for ecommerce SEO

30-second summary: Holiday season shopping is on and your ecommerce store whether a local shop or an international ecommerce brand needs visibility for sales How do you jump right in front of your potential customers and drive sales in a highly competitive space? SEO pioneer, former Pepperjam founder, and...

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For The Love Of Sitelinks

In PPC, we can do some pretty amazing things to help ensure a brand’s message is being heard by its audiences. Extensions are in fact, one of the tools Google equips digital marketers with to do so. We have image extensions that display product visuals and also price extensions...

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Eight great ways to audit your ecommerce site’s SEO

30-second summary: Optimizing your ecommerce site’s SEO is essential to maximizing your ecommerce site’s traffic and revenue potential. Improve your SEO by structuring your website and page in a way that is easy for Google to understand. Pagespeed optimization is a necessity, not an option, with the upcoming algorithm change. Writing a relevant,...

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