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Meta’s new chatbots set to improve targeted ad capabilities

Meta is launching a range of AI-powered chatbots that could improve its targeted advertising capabilities. The chatbots, which could come as early as September, reportedly have the ability to collect large amounts of data regarding users’ interests. It’s expected that the new technology will also boost...

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Meta’s guidance on how to ‘integrate brands on Threads’

Meta has been advising creators on what content they should post on Threads. The social network reportedly provided extensive guidelines on how marketers can integrate their brands on the platform in a leaked email. The message allegedly provided creators with content suggestions, engagement ideas, feature recommendations and specific...

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Threads is adding branded content tools to create paid promotion opportunities

Threads is implementing branded content tools to give marketers access to paid promotion opportunities. Meta’s new social platform doesn’t serve ads yet. However, this feature will enable brands to explore the possibility of running influencer campaigns. Why we care. Meta is waiting until Threads reaches a critical...

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