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12 Important PPC Trends To Watch In 2021

Technology is getting advanced day by day, hence making it necessary for brands to function according to the new trends. By understanding these new PPC trends, brands and marketers can stay ahead of the competition and provide better ROI. Otherwise, businesses will fall behind those who invested the time...

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2021 Amazon Advertising Trends

Amazon as an eCommerce platform has a very powerful internal advertising system. You can argue that it’s way more potent than any other digital advertising system since customers on Amazon are there with an intention to purchase something. Advertising systems such as social media ads and Google ads are...

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4 Versatile Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies to Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy

Conversion Rate Optimization, also known as CRO, is a crucial practice you should keep in mind when creating promotional content nowadays – whether you’re building a landing page, making an explainer video, blog post tutorial, or anything else in between! Now, a conversion occurs every time your website or online...

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Testing the Power of the YouTube Lead Form Extension

There are one billion hours of video content watched on YouTube every single day and with it being the second largest search engine behind Google there are a lot of eyes on the platform that can become leads for your clients. It remains a strong platform and the lead...

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Building for the future to help you prepare for what’s next

The COVID-19 recovery process will vary by country, region and business sector, but the transformation will have an impact on all of us. Google is committed to providing economic relief and supporting the pandemic recovery efforts, which is why we’re working to provide accurate vaccine information and increasing vaccine...

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