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Google Search Console rolling out new Merchant Center integrated reports

Google Search Console is rolling out new reports within the Shopping tab listings section with deeper integration with Google Merchant Center. Google is rolling out two new reports, one that shows you issues that are causing your products not to show in the Google Shopping tab and the other that shows you increases or decreases in clicks and rankings of your products in Google Search.

These reports are rolling out gradually over the next few weeks, Google announced.

Issues report. Google Search Console added a new Shopping tab listing issues report that will notify merchants when products stop appearing on the Shopping tab due to any issues, Google said. This is similar information that you can get in Google Merchant Center but it is also now able to be displayed in Search Console.

Here is the report:

Opportunity and visibility reports. The second report Google added to Search Console shows you visibility changes in Google Search for your products and “opportunities” to improve product visibility within Google Search. Google said, “The second enhancement shows merchants opportunities to increase clicks and improve ranking of products on Google.”

Here is what that report looks like:

An upgrade. Last November, Google launched the shopping tab listing section in Google Search Console that brought Merchant Center data to Search Console. This is an upgrade to that report, bringing even more data from Merchant Center to Search Console.

How to see these reports. Google said, “To enable these new enhancements in your Shopping tab Listing report, you will need to associate your Search Console property with a Merchant Center account. The association can be easily created by any Search Console property owner with admin rights to the relevant Merchant Center account. Once the association is created, all Search Console users of the property will be able to see the new experience.”

Why we care. More information from Google on how well you are performing in Google Search, especially as we approach the holiday shopping season, is super useful. So dig in and see how your products are performing in Google Search and see where you can optimize as the holiday shopping season kicks into gear.

Make sure to see if anything is holding back your products from being visible in Google Search and what you can do to improve the visibility of those products in Google.

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