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Google’s Display & Video 360 API gets two new updates

Google added new capabilities to its Display & Video 360 API – including advertiser-level keyword management and an optimization objective field for insertion orders.

The additions. Here’s what’s Rolling out as part of the June update:

  • Advertiser keyword targeting: Advertisers can now retrieve and manage keyword targeting lists assigned at the advertiser level through the API.
  • Insertion order optimization objective: The new “optimizationObjective” field has been added to the InsertionOrder resource, allowing select advertisers to set optimization goals.

Why we care. The ability to retrieve and manage keyword targeting lists at the advertiser level through the API allows for more centralized and efficient keyword optimization across campaigns. The new optimization objective makes programmatic advertising more customizable and scalable.

The details.

  • The optimization objective field is only writable for allowlisted advertisers.
  • To use the new features, advertisers must update to the latest version of the API client library.

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Support. Google has launched a new technical support contact form specifically for the Display & Video 360 API for any issues.

Bottom line. Google is steadily enhancing its APIs to offer more features and customization for automated campaign management.

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Author: Anu Adegbola
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