Increase Google Ads Quality Score- Pay Less for Every Click

To increase quality score you need to improve your landing page experience and increase your ads copy’s relevancy.

While improving your landing page experience can take some time. Improving your copy for higher relevancy is something that will increase your quality score today.

Every market has their own method of writing a copy, I’m sharing the structure I follow and that has worked well for me in the past.

I usually add brand name in headline 1 & the targeted keyword phrase itself in headline 2. Then some benefits (not features) in headline 3. I also start my description 1 with keyword phrase followed by brand name.

I also add benefits in description 1&2 as well. Don’t know if headline 3 shows everytime but following this structure gives me a very high ad relevancy score.

P.S.- Doing a light read about the difference between benefits & features is a good segway into learning good copywriting.

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