Landed Big Job for Social Media – Don’t really know what I’m doing

Well that’s the situation:

Aquaintances referred me to a potential client. I pitched and won the gig (for me quite a big job – around 30k € for 3 months to start, only for my services, not including ad spending).

I do have a plan on what we need to present and how to shift the current social media strategy which is lifeless and uses stock photos, to a more personal and relatable approach, with organic pictures (I work with a professional photographer) and real stories. I plan on working with influencers. My issue is I’ve never done this professionally before. I studied marketing and management at university and pretty much “KNOW” what do do theoretically but I didn’t do anything as a “real” agency before.

I watched all udemy courses I could find and googled the shit out of “social media marketing” and theres really nothing new here that I haven’t heard before. I understand how the ad manager works (its going to be only FB and IG) and how to plan posts at what time with specific target groups and so on.

I’m just quite nervous to be honest, maybe someone has any input or help?

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