Should I tell my employer I own the domain they want, or keep it private?

I work for a small company that is getting ready to launch a new cannabis website separate from our corporate website.

There have been some discussions about choosing a new domain/brand. Both my mangers want Cannabis + Keyword .com which describes exactly our niche products and industry.

Thing is… I own this domain. 😄

Should I tell them I own it or keep to myself?

I do have it listed for sale on Afternic, Sedo, etc. and a make offer Epik landing page. You never know when a great offer might come along. 😊

However, I acquired the domain to use for future cannabis, CBD, and hemp consulting work.

My thought is, I’m not under any obligation to tell them. If I did so they would want me to give them the domain. These are valuable domains though and I bought from a reseller.

Domain is under domain privacy, so there is no way they will know it’s me that owns it. They have been fretting about the high asking price.

What would you do in my situation? Tell your managers or just keep the domain and not say anything?

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